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Sinner's Guide to Discipleship

Book CoverBeing a disciple is not some higher-class Christian. It's intended for all of us. Jesus meets each of us, where we're at and asks us to be His dsciple.

The Sinner 's Guide to Discipleship is an unapologetic look at what it means to be a disciple. Starting from the very beginnings, the elements of discipleship are explored. Guided by the book, the reader will explore the Bible, sin, the original twelve disciples and Jesus, himself—to build a basis for discipleship today.

The reader will be challenged to reconsider ideas about discipleship, faith, religion and even Christianity, itself.

Pick up your copy today, and start the journey you were called to.

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The editor calls it a "wake up call to Christians".


In your hands is a down to earth take on some basics of discipleship. Don is someone who always finds a fresh angle or a new way to ask questions about things, and even when you don’t agree with him he has a knack for making you think and a heart for people to turn their beliefs into a real lived faith. So don’t read this if you don’t want to be challenged to think in fresh ways and put your faith into action.
– Jake Waybright, United Methodist Pastor

About the Author

Don Van Fleet is a father of seven (his 4, hers 3). Raised United Methodist, he entered the canidacy program to become a local pastor at 25, which lead him to a decision that he wanted to be involved in inter-personal ministries, rather than a corporate ministry behind a pulpit. He's volunteered as a Sunday School teacher for over two decades, as well as server as a Cub Scout leader.

Don's writing style is connversational, and possibly argumentative.

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