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1000 Reasons to Book A Photoshoot

Reason 36: I´ve lost weight

You feel great when you get into shape. It was a lot of hard work. Celebrate it with a photoshoot. Why not? You look the way you´ve always wanted to.

Reason 84: Give a gift

A shoot of you, designed for the spaceial someone in your life is a great and unique gift.

Reason 105: You´e only young once

I hear it so often: I wish had done something like that when I was younger. You can´t go back, but you are younger today than you will be next year!

Reason 116: Do something adventurous!

You have always had the adventurous spirit-the desire to try differnt things and live life on the edge. It´s time to try a glamorous photoshoot, buy the shirt, and check it off the list!

Reason 125: Look what I fit in to again!

Reason 137: Three words: sexy, Sexy, SEXY

Reason 156: I´ve got it, I´m gonna flaunt it...

Reason 280: Playboy: Here I come!

Playboy Enterprises has moved way past a playmate of the month, needing 12 models a year. This publishing giant is always looking for the girl next door. The results of a professional shoot will give you the edge if you want to submit pictures to them.

Reason 327: Don´t tell me what I can´t do!

Don´t let others tell you what you can and can´t do. You have it in you to dream and the right to reach for them, see the world and experience new things.

Reason 367: Gift a shoot

You can book a shoot as a gift for the person in your life. You know that have always secretly want to do it. Give them the chance. Book a shoot for them today.

Reason 368: I want to have the pictures for a keepsake

Reason 389: Facebook profile picture

Yea--really. I get asked to shoot for FB profile pictures a lot.

Reason 415: Perfect Together!

When you find that special someone, you know it! Why settle for boring engagement pictures? Book a professional shoot to express your love for each other in a unique way. Give it as a gift.

Reason 422: For your boyfriend

There#&180;s no gift better than giving yourself...in a photo that is! Create a special present for that special someone they will always appreciate.

Reason 429: There´s always more where that came from!

Reason 541: I want to try modeling

Reason 598: I spent way to much on this Halloween costume and want more than one party out of it

Reason 601: Birtday present for that specail someone.

Want to give a unique gift that only you can, and be treasured for years? Consider a set of professional pictures of either you or them!

Reason 617: Merry Chirstmas

Reason 667: A gift Santa just couldn´t pull out of his sack

Reason 697: I love this outfit!

Reason 699: You only live once

Reason 708: For her

Reason 715: I am a model

Reason 718: Use it before you lose it

Reason 721: Becausee my bf DOESN´T want me to...

Reason 731: A picture is worth a 1,000 words

Reason 746: I always want to be a model

Modeling is a dream of almost every girl. Book a shoot to give it a shot. Check it off as done--or take your pictures to an agency.

Reason 760: I´ll try anything once

Open to trying new things? Explore your creative side and book a photoshoot. You may find it hard to do just once.

Reason 767: I´m going to forget all about him, if it´s the last I do

Break ups are hard. Sometimes it´s important to do something just for you--to make you feel beautiful. A photoshoot is just the thing to make you look (and feel) glamorous.

Reason 791: It´s fun

A photoshoot should be fun! It should be your opportunity to do somthing you´ve never done before and have a great time.

Reason 793: Maxim Hometown Hottie submission - ´nough said

Reason 822: I can´t really bring myself to send pictures to Playboy, but I always wanted a shoot like that

You love the images you find Playboy, and you always wanted to try it. BUT don´ want the world to see you in the buff? Schedule a private shoot for images that are just for you.

Reason 844: A Valentines present he won´t ever forget

You can book a shoot to create a memory for your soul mate they can cherish forever.

Reason 923: Aromatherapy? No, this will do.

Reason 932: Use it while you have it

Reason 933: For yourself

Reason 937: Kate and duplicate, Pete and Repeat

Twins are great to work with.

Reason 963: A special gift for our anniversary

Reason 971: For him

This is my growing list of 1000 reasons to book a photoshoot. Can you think of one? Email me at shootme@donvanfleet.com and I'll add it.

One Thousand Reasons